Cardboard Box Manufacturing

How We Manufacture Cardboard Boxes

What Is a Cardboard Box?
A cardboard box, also called a corrugated shipping container, is the central product of the packaging industry & a well-known type of shipping carton that is very popular in manufacturing facilities, so you can pack, store and ship items. They are also recyclable & really good to use if your company has to conform to corp. sustainability obligations.

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How Do You Manufacture It?

Our cardboard boxes start out at with our supplier.

They 1st preassemble 3 parts with set dimensions that make up an unfinished, unassembled box: a flute between & glued to a top & bottom liner. The 3 parts are usually made of recycled paper, but virgin paper is still used. Our supplier then ships it to our factory.

Once we receive the box, we have to prepare it for finished assembly.

To do that, we feed it through the 1st of 2 assembly machines. Our 1st machine follows a 2-step printing process that is completed by cutting another set of dimensions into the box. It can then be sent for final assembly.

We finish the final assembly by feeding the box into the 2nd machine to fold, join and stitch the sides & joints together with metal staples. The final assembled box is now ready for use with your parts & products.

We provide cardboard box manufacturing at 1 Southeast Asian facility: Prachinburi, Thailand.

Cardboard Box Manufacturing at Alcami
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