Assembly and testing services

What kind of assembly does Alcami provide?

Alcami provides a broad range of assembly services, including both equipment assembly and machinery assembly. We can also undertake complex packaging operations once assembly is complete.

Do all parts need to be manufactured at Alcami?

No, we will often have some parts made in-house, while parts that we are not equipped to produce sourced from outside.

What kind of testing does Alcami provide?

Alcami’s facilities include a variety of equipment, which allow us to undertake the following tests.
  • UV chamber testing,
  • Weatherability testing,
  • Drop testing,
  • Vibration testing, 
  • Salt spray testing,
  • ESD testing, and
  • CMM measuring.

Does Alcami provide ‘one-stop-shop’ style services?

Yes, your parts can be produced, sourced, assembled and tested all utilising Alcami’s expert manufacturing team and formidable facilities. It is our goal to offer a full spectrum of services with excellent quality and outstanding customer service.

Does Alcami support design changes during assembly?

Yes, we have ACD systems available that allow us to document and if necessary modify your parts until the finished product is perfect.

Cardboard box making

What kind of boxes can Alcami produce?

Alcami produces standard brown shipping boxes.

Can print be added to Alcami boxes?

Yes, our machine is able to provide two-color printing for any of our boxes.

Does Alcami use recycled materials for paper boxes?

We offer several different kinds of paperboard including a recycled material option.

How are Alcami boxes assembled?

Our boxes are assembled with glue or with staples or glued.

CNC fabrication

Which materials can be machined at Alcami?

Alcami works with a number of different materials in their CNC machining process, including both metals and plastics. A majority of CNC machine projects use aluminum, but we can also machine steel, PU, PVC, PC, ABS, POM, and many others. 

Please contact our engineering team if you have questions about any specific material choices.

Which CNC machining processes does Alcami offer?

We have CNC machines with a variety of tools at their disposal, including milling centers and lathes of many different sizes. Please contact us for further details about our CNC machining capabilities.

What volumes of parts does Alcami accept?

We are flexible with volume size at Alcami, offering solutions for both high volume projects as well as small volume or prototype runs. 

Contact us if you have any questions and our Alcami engineering team will be happy to discuss how we can address your project volume needs.

What do I need to get started?

To begin a CNC machining process at Alcami you will need to bring us a 3D CAD file with your parts’ print sheet showing required tolerances, material specifications and volumes. 

Using this information, we will prepare a competitive quotation for you and discuss how we can meet your project requirements.

Does Alcami provide assembly services?

Yes, Alcami is able to provide both assembly and packaging services for finished products.

Can Alcami assist with product and part design?

Yes, Alcami is a  vertically integrated solution to all your manufacturing needs. We make all our jigs, designs, and CAM programming  in-house.

DI washing

What kind of products can Alcami wash?

We primarily wash trays with spray washing lines, but we also have ultrasonic washing capabilities.

What level of cleanliness can Alcami provide for products?

Alcami machines are located in class 1K/ISO8 cleanrooms. All final checking and packing under class 100/ISO9 conditions.

Which cleanliness testing services does Alcami perform in-house?

Alcami provides LPC, FTIR, ESD and IC testing services in-house.

How are the washed parts/trays packed at Alcami?

We typically provide double sealing in class 100 ready PE bags or vacuum sealing. We always make sure, however, that our packing procedures meet our customer’s requirements, so reach out to us if you have any specific packing specifications.

Where does Alcami get its DI water?

Alcami has its own in-house DI water plant, which generates DI water with a resistivity of 16 MΩ and filtration up to 0.1µ.

Can Alcami provide pick-up and return services?

Yes, we can provide transport services for your products. We can even set up a rotation system to handle transportation in collaboration with washing and other services to complete your projects with maximum efficiency.

Sheet Extrusion

Which materials can Alcami extrude?

We produce flat sheets for thermoforming applications with most standard polymers, including PS, PP, HDPE, and ABS. We also extrude specialty materials for specific products or projects.

Can Alcami add specific properties to the finished sheet?

Yes, Alcami runs multilayer machines, which can provide ESD properties and use recycled materials. We always work to meet individual project specifications, so please contact us to discuss any additional property requirements that your project needs.

Can Alcami provide environmentally friendly materials?

Yes, we can recommend a range of materials and solutions that will reduce the pressure on the environment from your project.

Can Alcami provide multilayer sheet extrusion?

Our machines have two extrusion units which feed into a single die, allowing us to make multilayer material, ABA, AB or BA.

Can Alcami provide clean sheets?

Yes, our extrusion lines are located in a controlled environment.

Does Alcami provide downstream processes?

Yes, we offer slitting and punching services, to accommodate the carrier tape business and insulator industries.

Injection moulding

Which materials can Alcami inject?

Alcami can use a variety of different materials for injection moulding projects, including most standard polymers, such as ABS, PS, PP, HDPE, PC, POM, and PA. We can also inject specialty materials for specific products or projects.

Does Alcami do overmoulding?

Yes, Alcami can do overmoulding by combining different materials in the same injection moulded part to give it different material properties or multiple colors.

Can Alcami design parts and products?

Yes, Alcami is vertically integrated and creates all our designs and moulds in-house

Why does Alcami mainly use aluminium moulds?

Advanced research and development done by our partner has shown that aluminium tools offer significant advantages over steel tools, including faster cycle times, smaller size machining capabilities for similar parts, and reduced time to market.

Can Alcami provide clean room ready parts?

Yes, we inject in class 10K/ISO7 cleanrooms and can provide DI washing for moulded parts in class 100/ISO9 cleanrooms.

Does Alcami provide assembly services?

Yes, we can provide both assembly and packaging services with blister folding and sealing for finished products.

Does Alcami provide environmentally friendly parts and materials?

Yes, we can recommend a range of materials and solutions that will reduce the pressure on the environment from your project.

Mould fabrication

Does Alcami design and fabricate your own moulds?

Yes, we have a team of engineers who design our moulds in-house and then prepare CAM programming files so the moulds can be produced on our CNC machines.

What type of moulds does Alcami fabricate?

We produce tool sets for thermoforming and injection moulding, as well as any other jigs and cutting tools that are required to create our projects.

Why does Alcami have in-house tool building facilities?

We make technical parts and having the ability to manufacture the moulds in-house gives us a faster time to market, and revisions are easier to incorporate

Why does Alcami primarily use aluminium injection moulds?

Aluminium has ideal material properties in regards to injection moulding, as it allows us to make moulds faster and run production processes more efficiently than when using steel moulds.

Do you produce your own blades for thermoforming?

Yes, we have in-house CNC knife bending capabilities.

Plastic film conversion

What kind of conversion does Alcami offer?

We have several types of conversion processes: 

  • Slitting – taking a mother roll of plastic and cutting it into smaller rolls to fit the desired application.
  • Punching – creating precise holes or extracting finished parts from the sheet.
  • Bending – creating a curve in a film sheet or extracted part.
  • Taping – adding double-sided adhesive stickers to finished parts.

Does Alcami provide welding services?

Yes, we can provide both heat and ultrasonic welding.

Does Alcami handle 3-D cutting projects?

Yes, in that case we will first thermoform the parts, and then we will do the 3-D cutting in a separate operation.

Sourcing and trading

What kind of products do we trade?

Our core product distribution includes filmic product such as BOPET, BOPP, PC, PE and specialty coated or barrier films. We also focus on various type of insulation materials for Home Electronic applications such as Copper tubes, Sleeving, Fiberglass Blankets, Pu Foam etc.  We also supply the materials such as enamelled magnetic wire, bundy tube, etc for compressor and motor application.

Where do you get your supply from?

In general, we source our products globally but we will prioritize transit time for our recommendation.

What is the inco-term?

Typically, we will offer CIF shipment to streamline shipping arrangement for our customers.

What is the quality assurance of your products?

We provide MSDS certificate, SGS certificate, technical data spec and etc of our products. We work with the technical team on the technical development and latest product update. 

What other tax exemptions will be offered?

We can apply for FORM E, FORM D, FORM AI for our customers to get import tax exemptions benefits.

Why should you work with us?

We work with reputable manufacturers across different product sectors. This will ensure quality assurance and timely supply chain delivery to avoid any production down time.


Does Alcami provide thick or thin gauge thermoforming services?

We provide both, but the majority of our business involves thin gauge thermoforming.

Which materials can be thermoformed at Alcami?

Most standard polymers can be thermoformed, including APET, PS, PP, HDPE, PC. We are also able to thermoform specialty materials for specific projects.

Can Alcami assist with product and part design?

Yes. Alcami is a vertically integrated manufacturing system, so we can create all our designs and moulds in-house.

Can you provide clean room ready trays or parts?

Yes, we thermoform in class 10K/ISO7 cleanrooms and can provide washed trays in class 100/ISO9 cleanrooms.

Does Alcami extrude sheets of material in-house?

Yes. Alcami is a fully integrated company and is able to handle all stages of the manufacturing process in-house. We have flat sheet extrusion lines available to undertake our production processes with the highest level of efficiency possible.

Does Alcami use vacuum formers or pressure formers?

Alcami uses both vacuum and pressure formers. Vacuum formers are primarily used for small series jobs, prototyping and large dimension parts, but 90% of our thermoformed products are manufactured using pressure forming machines.

Does Alcami provide environmentally friendly materials?

Yes, we can recommend a range of materials and solutions to reduce the pressure on the environment from your project.

Transport and logistics services

What kind of logistics services does Alcami provide?

We offer warehousing with picking and JIT delivery systems services.

Does Alcami use its own transport services?

Yes, we have a transportation division with both six-wheel and pick-up trucks available for product transport.

Can Alcami offer sourcing support?

Yes, we have a sourcing and trading unit to support our regional customers.

Does Alcami offer packaging within its provided logistics services?

Yes, we are able to purchase or produce any required packaging, in addition to packing the finished products, bringing them all the way from design through production to shipment.

Does Alcami also handle international transport?

We do not personally handle international transportation, but we are able to help our customers arrange international transport for their products through our trusted partners.



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