A vertically integrated turnkey solution that reduces the need to deal with multiple suppliers


Assembly and Testing

At Alcami, we are able to offer testing throughout and following the production process and provide post-production assembly to ensure the highest quality final products for all our customers.

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CNC Machining

Alcami’s CNC machining capabilities allow us to create precision parts with high accuracy and tight tolerances, in addition to creating moulds or prototypes to meet all of our client’s needs.

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DI Washing

DI washing is just one of Alcami’s high-quality post-production services, done in a class 100 cleanroom to help our customers meet all their necessary cleanliness requirements.

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Mould Fabrication

Alcami offers in-house mould fabrication services to give our customers a turnkey solution for all of their production needs.

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Plastic Film Conversion

Alcami’s plastic film conversion capabilities allow us to precision cut plastic film to varying lengths and create a wide range of parts, fabricate insulators and components for electronics or medical equipment.

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Plastic injection molding

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding is one of the cornerstones of Alcami’s manufacturing arsenal that we use to provide our customers with high-quality, strong, replicable parts.

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Plastic Thermoforming

Learn about Alcami’s thin and thick gauge plastic thermoforming processes and how we can help you to create a variety of high-precision parts.

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Sheet Extrusion

Alcami’s sheet extrusion services are an essential part of getting the precise material thickness needed for our thermoforming projects, ensuring the highest quality for all our products.

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Sourcing and Trading

The Alcami group includes a team of experienced, multilingual specialists to assist in sourcing commodities and customised items from around the globe.

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Logistics Solutions

Transport Services

Alcami has its own transportation company to handle any of our customers’ inbound and outbound domestic shipping needs with ease.

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Warehousing Services

When your project is completed, Alcami has several warehouses where we can assist you with receiving, storing, and delivering your products.

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Alcami combines different production technologies allowing us to provide a turnkey solution for a variety of parts. We combine this with sourcing and logistics services, so our customers don’t need to worry about shipping and storage.