Flat Sheet Extrusion

Flat Sheet Extrusion Process

To fully understand the Alcami’s thermoforming capabilities, you should also learn about our flat sheet extrusion process. In this process, we extrude plastic raw materials to create plastic sheets that we then use to thermoform your plastic parts.

Our process pushes plastic raw materials from a storage hopper into a barrel that is heated to a pliable temperature. The plastic then slowly melts into a molten polymer by heaters along the barrel while pushed by screws that turn in the barrel while it enters a die where it flattens and cools into extruded, plastic sheets.

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Flat Sheet Extrusion
Flat Sheet Extrusion

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Alcami provides flat sheet extrusion at 3 manufacturing facilities: Rayong & Prachinburi, Thailand and Laguna, The Philippines. All of our facilities are located near major shipping hubs, meeting customer requirements in a diverse amount of global markets and industries.


Alcami’s Flat Sheet Extrusion
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