Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities

Plastic Injection Molding 101

What is plastic injection molding?

Quite simply, plastic injection molding is a widely used plastics conversion technology that Alcami uses to inject a molten polymer into a mold, creating a variety of durable, high-quality, plastic parts. These parts can range from small components to panels on a car.

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Plastic Parts: How Is Plastic Injection Molding Done?

Mold Design & Fabrication

Alcami uses in-house, computerised equipment and customer part specifications to design and fabricate injection molds. Our unique mold fabrication capabilities offer customers a cost-effective, one-stop shop to design and fabricate their molds, instead of you using a 3rd party supplier with considerably less production solutions than we can offer.

Molding Process
To mold and shape your parts, we have to fit your uniquely fabricated molds into our plastic injection molding machines and fill their storage hoppers with plastic pellet or granule raw materials.

The raw materials are fed into a heating barrel while being slowly pushed forward by a screw inside the heating barrel, melting into a molten polymer while it enters the mold. As your mold is filled up, the molten polymer begins to form, cool, and harden, creating your final product that we package and ship to you for use.

Alcami’s plastic injection molding operations are located in Southeast Asia at our manufacturing facility in Prachinburi, Thailand. We offer plastic injection molding options to a diverse amount of industries in a range of different geographical locations.

Our facility is well equipped with manufacturing systems for over molding, multicolor molding and insert molding. These manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer turnkey projects and an extensive range of customized, plastic injection molding services for high precision parts, with downstream processing and assembly solutions, including testing and packaging.

Mold Fabrication & Plastic Injection Molding at Alcami
Do you need mold fabrication and plastic injection molding for your parts and products? You are in the right place!

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Alcami’s Plastics Conversion
You do not need plastic injection molding and mold fabrication but are interested in another type of plastics conversion for your parts and products? Not, a problem. You are still in the right place!

Alcami’s plastics conversion expertise allows us to offer you cost-effective plastics production options from our extended experience in plastics processing technologies. Our top-notch sales team will quickly educate you about choosing the best plastic parts manufacturing solution to meet your individual product needs. All done at our in-house facilities, specifically designed with thin & thick gauge thermoforming, plastic injection molding, extrusion, and mold fabrication capabilities.

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